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Man charged with drug crimes involving marijuana, methamphetamine

A man in Texas was recently taken into custody regarding accusations of committing a number of drug-related offenses. The arrest took place following a traffic stop along Interstate 30. The man accused of committing drug crimes is 45 years old.

Police said they stopped the man on a Sunday while he was driving a pickup truck, as he had committed a traffic violation. As the truck slowed down, police reportedly saw the truck's passenger move around in the cab before tossing an item out of the window. Authorities asked the driver to get out of the motor vehicle, at which point she reportedly admitted that her passenger had tossed marijuana out of the window.

Separate versus community property, alimony major divorce issues

Dissolving a marriage can be stressful from both an emotional and a financial standpoint. Regarding finances, a tricky area in Texas may involve trying to figure out what is separate versus community property. However, the financial challenges of divorce can be particularly overwhelming for the spouse who earned significantly less than the other party or perhaps did not earn money at all. This is where alimony comes in following divorce.

Divorce typically means that a single household will end up splitting into two, thus doubling some of the couple's costs -- for example, housing. However, other costs that may increase might not be as obvious at the outset. These include the costs of having school uniforms or even sports gear at both parents' homes for the children.

Factors that affect how divorce may impact your business

Texas business owners who begin contemplating divorce often have concerns about the ways in which property division can impact their company. It can be helpful to have an overview of your options for keeping your business running.

Every situation has its unique aspects, so general rules and guidelines may work very differently in various cases. 

District clerk arrested for DWI

A district clerk in Texas was recently taken into custody for driving while intoxicated. The woman also reportedly had an alcoholic beverage container open in her car. The woman was arrested on DWI charges on a Sunday.

Police said they stopped the woman's car at around 10:50 p.m. on a Saturday. Prior to that, the woman reportedly made too wide of a turn when entering Loop 534 from Texas 27. She then allegedly entered the lane of oncoming traffic and then drove on the shoulder of the road.

Separate versus community property handled differently in Texas

With nearly 40 to 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it probably does not come as a surprise that some spouses break up and find themselves with a financial mess on their hands. After all, just as spouses end up accumulating assets together during the course of the marriage, they also accumulate debt. Determining what is separate versus community, or shared, property during the property division process in Texas can understandably be challenging.

Texas is one of only a handful of states that adhere to the community property rule. In these states, all assets that two spouses have accrued while married will be split 50/50 by the court. This is the opposite of what happens in an equitable distribution state, where a judge will split the assets in a manner that he or she deems to be equitable or fair.

Raids result in accusations of drug crimes in Texas

While some people in Texas have wonderful neighbors, it is not unheard of for there to be conflict between people who live in close proximity. Unfortunately, in some cases an accusation made to police may be all it takes to raise suspicions, even if the accusation could have been made by an unhappy neighbor. However, seven people were recently arrested on allegations of drug crimes, among others, following raids.

Reports indicate that police raided three homes. The raids resulted in the arrest of seven people. Charges include animal cruelty, manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance.

Parenting plans, talking with children may help during divorce

For some married couples in Texas, the process of getting divorced is emotionally painful yet straightforward. However, this is not true for those with children. A couple of tips may help parents to help their children through the divorce process emotionally while they simultaneously work on their parenting plans or aggressively pursue custody in court.

First, keeping the children out of disagreements that one may have with the other party is critical. Even though parents generally try to keep their children from being stuck in the middle of such arguments, they often do not. The children can mentally suffer from this, and unfortunately, the impacts can be long lasting.

3 tips on community property in a Texas divorce

If you are facing a divorce in Texas, you will likely need to divide some assets and property in the divorce process with your spouse. Whether you are facing an amicable divorce or heading toward a courtroom litigated trial divorce, it can be helpful for you to understand some basic facts about property division in Texas.

Here are three factors to take into consideration in terms of property laws and how they apply to divorces in Texas. With this information in hand, you can better prepare to select a qualified divorce attorney for your proceedings and discuss the future of your marital assets.

Texas pharmacist accused of several drug crimes

A pharmacist in Texas currently faces 12 felony criminal charges involving drugs. His alleged drug crimes include selling marijuana and various prescription drugs that are commonly abused. The man facing drug charges is 33 years old.

Apparently, the man reportedly sold marijuana and prescription drugs to an undercover police officer. He is alleged to have conducted a couple of large transactions in a single day after explaining to the operative that he could sell him a bulk amount of Valium, oxycodone, Concerta and Xanax for $1,000. In the first transaction, the man reportedly gave the operative the above-mentioned pills as well as lorazepam pills for $500. Valium, lorazepam and Xanax are all used for treating anxiety, whereas Concerta is used for treating attention deficit disorder, and oxycodone is an opioid used to treat severe pain.

Penalties for DWI in Texas include time behind bars, fines

Being arrested for drinking and driving can understandably be intimidating in Texas. After all, a wide range of penalties are possible for a DWI conviction in Texas. Fortunately, those accused of driving under the influence are always considered innocent until and unless prosecutors can prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

For those convicted of DWI for the first time in Texas, they can expect to face between three and 180 days in jail. In addition, their driver's licenses will be suspended for up to two years, and they can expect to pay a fine of $2,000 as well. They furthermore might be required to get an ignition interlock device and must complete a drunk driving education or intervention program.

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