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Texas may have a THC test in 2020 for drug crimes

The state of Texas recently legalized the use of hemp, but not marijuana. Since then, the state has struggled to find a way to test for THC when it comes to charging people with drug crimes since hemp also contains a certain amount of THC. In response, the Texas Forensics Science Commission teamed up with the Drug Enforcement Agency in order to find some way to test for THC -- and they think they may have found it.

It is possible that beginning in 2020, prosecutors will have a way to measure THC in order to differentiate between marijuana and hemp. Between the TFSC and the DEA, it was found that a minimum 1% concentration of THC would suffice as a measure for differentiation. This means that prosecutors may again begin prosecuting even low-level marijuana charges, and defense attorneys will need to take steps to fully understand how the testing is supposed to work in order to serve their clients.

How does a DWI affect your driving privileges in Texas?

Whether you had a lapse in judgment or thought you were fine after one drink, you may find yourself facing charges of driving while intoxicated. A conviction comes with serious penalties, such as steep fines, possible jail time and alcohol education programs.

A common consequence is losing your driving privileges. This can mean more than just losing your license, however, as not being able to drive can affect many areas of your life.

A DWI has significant impact on commercial drivers

Whether passing through Sugar Land or based in the city, a significant number of truck drivers are on its roads. While in the area, police could pull them over for supposed traffic violations. If a truck driver is suspected of drunk driving, facing charges for DWI could be the least of his or her problems.

The Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration holds truck drivers to a higher standard than passenger vehicle drivers, and for good reason. Driving an 18-wheeler requires concentration, skill and experience. Anything that hinders them from their duties behind the wheel could lead to disaster. For this reason, if a truck driver's blood alcohol concentration is .04% or higher, instead of the .08% standard for adults without CDLs, he or she could face charges.

Child custody and the best interests of the children standard

Most Sugar Land parents want what is best for their kids. During a divorce, this means coming to a child custody arrangement that gives them the easiest transition into a new lifestyle and the best chance to thrive moving forward. Whether a parent is heading to court or working out an arrangement with the other parent, he or she may want to better understand what the court considers in determining the best interests of the children and what can be done to ensure the kids remain the primary focus.

Of course, the court will want to make sure that a parent can provide for the children's physical and emotional needs, including the basics of food, shelter, clothing and more. A judge will also take the age of each child into consideration since children require different amounts of care at different ages. Obviously, a teenager does not need the same level of hands-on care as a toddler. Even so, regardless of age, the court looks at the bond between each parent and each child. Courts hesitate to interfere with a child's routines, especially if it may not be necessary.

A credit score’s effect on divorce

Earning a higher income can be beneficial, but for some couples, it can also put a greater strain on their marriage, eventually leading to divorce.  A survey conducted by Sun Trust Bank, polled 2,000 adults on what disrupts their marriage the most. The most common answer? Money. Over one-third of those surveyed labeled their finances as the leading stress point in their marriage.

Details of typical finances that could cause marital strain might be frivolous spending, poor investments and living beyond one’s means. A key number that some may not think of that causes so much stress is the couple’s credit scores.

Texas schools will have new power to remove kids

This coming school year brings a change to the consequences your child may face if they get into a conflict with a teacher. A controversial new change in the law requires students who are considered to be engaging in harassment of teachers to be removed from the regular classroom to a disciplinary environment.

The change could bring major changes to kids having disciplinary challenges as well as parents trying to help their child navigate the often-hazardous path to adulthood.

Dinner with a friend can lead to a DWI

Dinner with a friend and a glass or two of wine is not an unusual way for anyone to spend an evening in Texas. Over the course of the evening, it's possible to lose track of how much alcohol one has consumed. A woman who was involved in an automobile accident and has been accused of DWI.

Juvenile defense can help turn a life around

Anyone who has raised children knows that teenagers can be prone to getting into trouble. When one's child gets into trouble with the law in Texas it can feel like one's world is crumbling, and it can be difficult to know in what direction to turn. A conversation with a juvenile defense attorney is a good place to start.

Can a child custody agreement be modified?

Just like any decision made during the divorce process in Sugarland, agreements concerning child custody and parenting time should not be made lightly. Though the courts make every effort to base child custody arrangements on the best interests of the child and in regard to the parents' circumstances, issues can occur after the divorce that necessitate a need for adjustments. 

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