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Juvenile defense: Focusing on the person behind the accusations

Young people today are exposed to outside influences in the world that may negatively affect the rest of their lives. In Texas, after his parent's divorced, one youth was shuttled between two households in dangerous neighborhoods. He soon turned to the streets to support himself. His activities landed him in trouble with the law, and he was sent to juvenile detention. "Juvie" is a place that most people claim is the beginning of a long life filled with juvenile defense attorneys and jail time. 

In juvenile detention, the boy soon connected with an organization called Café Momentum, a nonprofit that allows kids to train in several areas at high-end restaurants. Under strict supervision, he was able to focus his energy on setting goals and improving his life. After graduating high school, he quickly secured a position with a reputable business and enrolled in college. He plans to become a mechanical engineer.

How is property divided in a Texas divorce?

Divorce is a difficult time on both an emotional level as well as a financial level, which is one of the reasons that it is such a challenging life event to successfully overcome. Especially when it comes to the division of assets, one false move can have a long-term impact on your financial well-being. 

If you are facing a divorce in Texas, it is important for you to understand a few basics about how courts commonly view and divide assets and property among ex-spouses. Here are some pointers so you can inform yourself about asset division in a Texas divorce.

What happens if your underage child is charged with a drug crime?

It is not uncommon for school personnel to find controlled or banned substances on a student in high school, either in a locker or a backpack or even on the student. Teenagers tend to take risks without the necessary reflection or prior judgement about the possible consequences of their actions.

If authorities at your child's school have found your child in possession of a substance such as marijuana or Xanax or another unauthorized or illegal drug, your child is now likely to enter the juvenile justice system. This is a critical juncture in your child's life because it can mean the difference between a permanent record and the opportunity to successfully pave a path to the future.

Police footage of DUI/DWI now public information

A well-known country music star arrested for drunk driving has lost his appeal to keep the police footage from being made public. The ruling for the request opens the door for the Texas Department of Public Safety. They are set to release the footage on Friday. In Texas, police recordings of the DUI/DWI arrest showed the singer nude and disoriented. 

It has been a long and tedious legal battle all the way to the Supreme Court for Randy Travis and his family. Travis filed a federal lawsuit in September citing the footage is considered private under health privacy regulations. The judge did not rule in favor of the singer, but the attorney general agreed to redact portions of the footage. His wife, Mary Travis, also lost her request to sue on his behalf.

Man accused of DWI-related offenses

A 41-year-old man has been accused of drunk driving in an accident that killed three people on a family vacation. The car crash occurred on Nov. 11 at about 3:30 p.m. on Research Boulevard in Austin. According to authorities, a man was driving an SUV northbound before it crossed the median and struck a sedan carrying the family. In Texas, those charged with DWI or DUI may face serious legal penalties.

The driver of the SUV was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center where blood tests allegedly showed a blood alcohol content of .203. Two of the cars' occupants were killed instantly, and another passenger in the car sustained life-threatening injuries and died after being removed from life support. Police have charged the man with intoxication assault, and manslaughter causing serious bodily injury. Police are asking for the public's help to determine what may have happened in the hours before the crash.

Drug crimes lead to murder in Texas

A 20-year-old is being held on Texas murder charges after he allegedly shot another man during an argument over a drug deal. Authorities say the drama unfolded in late August outside of a Little Caesars Pizza shop in Wichita Falls. Two 22-year-old males were said to be quarreling over drugs. One man was shot and died less than 12 hours later. In Texas and many other jurisdictions, a significant number of homicides also involve allegations of drug crimes

On Aug. 27 the police department responded to what was believed to be a car accident at about 6:45 p.m. They found a man inside the pizza shop, unconscious and bleeding from an apparent gunshot wound. They say the alleged gunman escaped in a dark blue colored sedan driven by an unknown woman. Authorities located the vehicle later, but the person that police believe to have been the gunman remained at large and was said to be armed and dangerous.

Can children choose which parent to live with?

Thousands of couples have to go through divorce every year in Texas. In 2012, there were over 80,000 divorces, an increase from the previous year, shows information from the Texas Department of State Health Services

One of the most highly contested issues during a divorce is child custody. In many cases, the court will weigh the opinions of both parents and determine a living situation that is best for everyone. One parent receiving sole custody is fairly rare, and most of the time, a joint custody agreement comes into play. However, when kids are old enough to understand the ramifications of divorce, they naturally wonder if they get a say in the matter. 

Rights to possession of a child and parental disabilities

Having a child should be one of the most joyous times in a parent's life. Unfortunately, parents with low IQs often end up trying to prove they are worthy parents and capable enough to raise their children. In Texas and in other states, parental rights to possession of a child are questioned in 80 percent of disabled adults. 

A study by the National Council on Disability finds these acts disturbing and claims it sets America back to the days of eugenics. This is like going back to a time when those believed to be inadequate were sterilized to avoid becoming a burden on society. This form of discrimination often victimizes disabled parents who have a high degree of involvement with child welfare authorities.

Juvenile defense: 6 charged in vandalism of football stadium

Being a teenager or a preteen is a difficult time for many. Some are desperate to fit in with their peers and will often go to great lengths in their quest for approval. However, these lengths typically do not include criminal acts. Unfortunately, six young people in Texas may require assistance from a juvenile defense attorney after they were charged with felonies in connection to the vandalism of a high school football stadium.

Police believe that the six young people, who are between the ages of 11 and 15, were able to access the area by jumping a defense. Afterward, they allegedly entered a concession stand where it is believed that they sprayed a fire extinguisher into an ice machine. Reports accuse them of exiting the property by ramming a gate with two ATVs.

Fiery Texas crash results in DWI charge

Crashes can happen at any time of the day or night for a variety of reasons, from poor weather conditions to an inattentive driver. Unfortunately, people in Texas are often quick to make assumptions about the cause of an accident that happens at a certain time of day, such as during the early morning hours. In fact, a young man now faces a DWI charge following an accident that left him in the hospital.

The accident apparently happened around 4 a.m. on a day in November.  Passersby were reportedly able to extricate the driver following the single vehicle crash. A cell phone video allegedly shows two men pulling the driver from the car as flames became larger.

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