Protecting Your Teen’s Future

Protecting Your Teens Future

When your teen gets into trouble with the law, it’s not just the immediate consequences that keep you up at night; it’s also the long-term impact on their future. What will happen to their college prospects? Will they get suspended or expelled? Will this come back to haunt them later?

At The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC, we understand the worries you’re facing. Our Fort Bend County lawyers have helped numerous families in similar situations navigate the juvenile justice system in Texas. We know what to look for in paving the way for a better future. You can rest assured that our lawyers will take your teen’s case seriously.

Potential Ways To Limit The Impact Of Juvenile Charges

Don’t let one mistake dim your teen’s bright future. Depending on your teen’s situation — including the severity of the charges and his or her record — there may be options for limiting the impact on your son or daughter’s reputation and future. For example:

  • Deferred prosecution is a way to eventually get the charges dropped after completing community service, probation or other conditions. However, some charges are not eligible for deferred prosecution.
  • Another option for protecting your son or daughter’s future is to get the court records sealed. While juvenile court records are already restricted from the public, unless you get them sealed, they will still be available to law enforcement and certain agencies. Record sealing gives your teen a truly clean slate.

Our attorneys can help you determine which opportunities are available. Drawing on decades of pooled experience — including the unique perspective of a former prosecutor — we will provide the guidance you need to make informed decisions on how to move forward.

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