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If you have been arrested, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and a little scared, especially if you have not been arrested before and have no idea how the process works or what the consequences may be.

If you have been arrested and are facing criminal charges in the Fort Bend County, TX area, the best thing you can do to protect your rights and your future is to seek representation from a skilled and reputable Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer.

The sooner you get in touch with a lawyer, the better your chances of having the charges thrown out, dismissed or reduced.

The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC – Aggressive Representation

Often, the best defense is a strong offense and here at The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC, we have a reputation for aggressive representation. This means that we will fight tooth and nail for our clients until their rights have been respected and they have been treated in the fair and reasonable manner they deserve.

Once we have become your advocates, we will advise you honestly, educate you where necessary and ensure that you feel confident in our abilities. We pride ourselves on our approach to the attorney-client relationship.

We understand the importance of the situation, after all, the results could impact you for the rest of your life. Whether we are defending you against allegations of a felony crime or defending a juvenile from a mark on their record that will affect their future, we will be in your corner.

Every experienced criminal defense lawyer that works under the Love Ducote Law Firm name is a skilled and capable trial-tested lawyer. This means that you are guaranteed legal representation from a criminal defense lawyer with victories in past criminal cases.

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It may be the smartest decision you ever make.

Why Hire Our Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Lawyers?

When it comes to the criminal justice system, the laws and regulations of the state can be extremely complex to navigate. Having representation and legal counsel will allow you to understand exactly what criminal accusations and criminal offenses you are being charged with.

Once you have agreed to legal representation from one of our Fort Bend County criminal offense lawyers you can breathe a little easier, knowing that every member of our team here:

  1. Has proven themselves across numerous cases, winning favorable outcomes for a long list of happy clients, from drug trafficking and possession to graffiti and shoplifting charges.
  2. Is trial-tested in both Texas and federal court.
  3. Prioritizes the attorney-client relationship, ensuring you are kept educated, well informed, and in the loop throughout the entire process.

Different Types of Criminal Defense Case we Cover

When it comes to criminal defense cases, The Love Ducote Law Firm LLC covers all types of charges.

This includes:

Driving Under the Influence/Driving Whilst Intoxicated (DUI/DWI)

Facing a DUI can have a long-lasting effect on the way you live your life. You may have your license revoked or suspended and you might be facing hefty fines.

Your attorney may be able to help you fight these charges, having criminal charges dropped or fighting for you to keep your license so that you can use your vehicle to travel to work or education.

Crimes of Sexual Nature

Sex crime charges are some of the most complex and damaging charges to face. Even in cases that are dropped, the accusations alone can be enough to affect your life forever.

The best way to avoid this is to combat them quickly and aggressively, which is our favorite approach here at The Love Ducote Law Firm LLC. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can fight to have the charges dismissed or the case dropped.

Assault and Battery

In Texas, assault and battery are both grouped together under one offense which makes it more likely that your charges will be raised to a felony offense, instead of a misdemeanor. The skill and experience of your Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer will be instrumental here if you want your charges dropped or reduced so that you are not facing a felony charge.

Drug Possession, Trafficking, and Distribution

As one of the strictest states in the country for drug crimes, if you are being faced with a drug charge, whether it be a possession, trafficking, or distribution, it is crucial that you seek representation from the best criminal defense lawyer you can find.

In Texas, even the lowliest of possession cases can result in a felony charge and a mark on your record forever.

There are a huge number of defenses that can be used to fight a drug charge and your chances of success will depend upon the skill and previous experience of your lawyer. The more cases they have fought and won, the better they will be equipped at choosing the right defense and pursuing it aggressively. They will be able to build the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

If you are facing federal charges, the stakes are much higher. These cases will have been built against you over a longer period, by more skilled, federal prosecutors and this means their case will most likely be strong.

This does not, however, mean they did not make mistakes and that they followed the right channels every step of the way.

Here at The Love Ducote Law Firm LLC, we aren’t afraid to take on federal cases. We will still employ every resource at our fingertips to investigate their case and if we find that lawful procedures have not been followed, we will seek the dismissal of your case.

Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence crime and domestic violence allegations are on the rise and are becoming a serious problem in the state of Texas.

Unfortunately, the wrongful accusation of domestic violence can ruin a person’s life. Sometimes these claims are unwarranted, sometimes they are simply untrue or exaggerated, and often they are used as a weapon by ex-spouses and partners.

Claims of domestic violence can follow a person, even when proven innocent. This means that your best chances of avoiding this, are to fight the claims quickly and aggressively to have them overturned.

The sooner you seek representation in the face of these claims the better your chances of reducing any damage done.

The Implications of a Wrongful Arrest in Fort Bend County, Texas

If convicted, some of the negative effects of a felony conviction include:

  • Negatively affect your reputation – Many crimes come with an extremely negative stigma attached. In particular, sex crimes, abuse crimes, and domestic violence may result in friends and family becoming distant and cutting ties with you.
  • Prevent you from getting a job – In Texas, employers are allowed to automatically disqualify you from job applications if you have a felony charge on your record.
  • Difficulty finding housing – Many mortgage lenders and landlords will refuse to sign agreements with felons.
  • Problems with Custody/Visitation – Having a felony charge on record can be used against you when seeking custody or visitation rights. It becomes even harder to seek custody if you have no access to housing.
  • Difficulty obtaining financial services – Having a felony charge may mean you cannot seek loans for things like opening a business or buying a car.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fort Bend County

The main role that your criminal defense lawyer undertakes is advocating on your behalf and fighting to ensure that you receive a fair trial. It does not matter what charges you face or what circumstances lead to the arrest, everyone deserves a fair trial and it is your lawyer’s job to ensure that you do.

To ensure this happens, they should strive to make sure that you are educated on your rights and that you are provided with the best possible legal counsel. They will also dig deep into the case, examining the series of events that led to the arrest. They will examine the police reports and interview statements, ensuring the arrest was lawfully carried out.

They will also follow attorney-client confidentiality, which means that anything you share with them will be kept confidential. This is in place to allow clients the freedom to talk to their lawyers in a safe space, without the risk of what they say being used against them.

A good criminal defense lawyer will have past experience with other prosecutors and will have a good relationship with the district attorney’s office. This will give them the ability to tailor your case and defense depending on who is overseeing it.

In order to do all of this, the best criminal defense lawyers will have impeccable levels of organization, communication, and extensive knowledge of the Texas legal system.

Building a Strong Defense in Fort Bend, TX

Fighting against accusations of a crime can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety, especially when you are under investigation or you could be facing a federal felony offense.

If you want the best possible chance of winning a favorable result in cases like these your best option is to seek the strongest possible legal representation you can from a reputable criminal defense law firm.

The stronger and more experienced your criminal defense lawyer, the better they will be at defending you, keeping you educated and informed, and alleviating your anxiety and fears.

Criminal Defense FAQ

A: Misdemeanor charges are usually crimes that are seen to be less serious. As such, the penalties that result from a conviction are less severe. Jail sentences will usually be under 12 months and will be held at a county jail and the fines are much lower.

Felony charges are for crimes seen as more serious and come with longer prison stints in state prison of more than a year and have fines that are higher.

A: Having a criminal record in the state of Texas can drastically hamper your chances of employment. It is legal for employers to disqualify people with a criminal record from applying for a job.

A: The cost of your defense lawyer will always depend on the severity of the crimes you are facing and the complexity of your case.

Generally, the longer it takes your lawyer to build a case for you and the longer they have to spend defending you in court, the higher the fees they charge will be.

A: Never. Law enforcement may employ tactics in order to get you to say something incriminating. You have every right to remain silent and tell them that you want to wait for your lawyer. Everything you say can be used against you so silence is often the best answer until your lawyer can advise you.

A: Yes. It is an unfortunate state of affairs that many people are charged with crimes they did not commit every year. Without a strong criminal defense lawyer, law enforcement may charge you with a crime you did not commit down to their own errors.

Courtroom Experience That Translates To Results

At The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC, our team of criminal defense lawyers is trial tested and ready to fight your case. We are comprised of highly-rated, experienced attorneys including a former prosecutor.

Together they have countless victories under their belts and a long list of happy customers.

When it comes to criminal law, our skill experience is unparalleled.

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At The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC, we will keep you informed about your case from beginning to end so that you can keep a sense of control and confidence in your case.

The team of highly respected and experienced Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyers here at The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC includes a former prosecutor. We are committed to your freedom and will fight aggressively to protect it.

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