Sugar Land Violent Crimes

In Texas, violent crimes are some of the most serious offenses that can be committed in the state. The consequences of committing a violent crime are some of the most severe in Sugar Land TX. Contact our law firm for high-quality support if you or a loved one have been arrested by any Texas police department, including the Sugar Land police department.

With Sugar Land’s crime rate increasing, more and more offenders need experienced defense attorneys to support their criminal justice system process. Our lawyers are experienced at defending property crimes, violent crimes and family violence accusations.

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Consequences Of Violent Crimes

It is important to understand the consequences that come with committing a violent crime when you have been charged with this type of offense. In Sugar Land TX, these consequences can range from life in prison to the death penalty. Due to the severity of these consequences, it is imperative you hire high-quality legal aid. Some of the crimes and the corresponding consequences have been detailed below.

Aggravated Assault

In Texas, aggravated assault is a serious crime that results in the serious injury of the victim. This crime can also be committed if the use of a weapon occurs during an assault. Sexual assaults that lead to serious bodily injury for the victim or the use of a weapon, is also included within aggravated assault cases. Aggravated assaults can result in a first or second degree felony, depending upon the individual case.

Armed Robbery

In Texas, theft and burglary are serious crimes. If a weapon is used or even in the offenders’ possession during the robbery, the crime can be upgraded to armed robbery. This also includes motor vehicle theft crimes that involve a weapon. This is a first degree felony leading to between 5-99 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.


This violent crime differs from murder due to there being no premeditation prior to committing the crime. This includes vehicle manslaughter and intoxicated manslaughter. This is a second degree felony crime resulting in a fine of up to $10,000 and between 2-20 years in state prison.


In Texas, this is the most severe violent crime that an individual can commit. Often, first degree murder is referred to as capital murder. Commonly, this results in life imprisonment without the opportunity for parole or the death penalty. The death penalty is only avoided if the defendant is found to have a mental disability. Second-degree murder is often described as a crime in the “heat of passion”, which leads to between 2-20 years in state prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Defenses For Violent Crimes

When a defendant appears in court for a violent offense charge, the prosecutor must be able to prove that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A defendant can’t counteract the prosecutor’s case by providing evidence that creates a reasonable doubt for the jury. An experienced Sugar Land violent crimes defense lawyer can explore all the legal options to find the best course of defense for your case.

Self Defense

Claiming self-defense is a common defense tool used in a variety of charges such as murder, assault and battery. The defendant admits to the use of violence but explains it was in response to the alleged victims initial violence. A person claiming self-defense must be acting out of the belief that harm was about to occur or in response to harm.


An individual may be able to oppose a violent crime charge if they are able to prove the act was not illegal, but actually an accident. If there is evidence that it was an accident, they may be found not guilty. This type of defense is often successful if it can be proven the individual did not act criminally neglectful, had no criminal intent, and was acting lawfully at the time of the crime. If an individual is found to have acted accidentally, they can have their charges dismissed or serve a reduced sentence.


This type of defense is used when the individual did not commit the crime they are accused of. In many defense cases, an individual will provide evidence that they did not commit the crime. It can be argued that someone else committed the crime or that you did not commit the violent crime.

This is an easier defense tactic as it puts the emphasis on the prosecutor to prove every factor within the crime. If a defendant can provide adequate evidence through documents or testimonies to prove their innocence, it can strengthen the case. It can become difficult to put an individual behind bars if the prosecutor cannot prove the individual is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A reputable Sugar Land criminal defense attorney can find flaws within the prosecutor’s case to help build a strong case in your favor.

Sugar Land’s Crime Rate

The violent crime rate within Texas is within the mid-range for the United States and Sugar Land in particular, is below the national average for violent crime by 30%. Within Sugar Land, the property crime rate is the highest type of violent crime in this part of Texas. However, although Sugar Land’s violent crime rate is low, it has been increasing over the past few years.

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