How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer for Men

No matter your gender, divorce can be an incredibly difficult process. Even if the choice to end your marriage is mutually agreeable and ultimately for the best, the process can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining. If you are a man, you may experience additional, unique roadblocks on your way to a satisfactory divorce agreement.

Unfortunately, although our society has come a long way in redefining gender stereotypes, men may still feel as though they cannot show emotion. This is not only unhealthy for the individual, but it can also significantly hinder divorce proceedings. That is because vulnerability and openness between attorney and client are key factors when it comes to negotiating favorable divorce terms.

Here at The Love Ducote Law Firm, we understand the importance of navigating the divorce process successfully, no matter your sex or gender. However, we have taken the time to develop a specialized understanding of the issues unique to divorcing men. Consider the following questions men often ask about divorce.

Q. What Trait Is Most Important in a Divorce Lawyer? 

As mentioned, it is important for all clients to develop the ability to be vulnerable with their divorce attorneys. The attorney will need to understand a wide variety of details regarding your marriage and divorce, and these can be difficult to talk about. Because of this, the most important traits for men’s divorce attorneys are compassion and communication. 

Your attorney must be able to ask relevant questions and discern your answers to help you comprehend your divorce and prepare for court. This process is not as simple as it sounds, as communication styles differ widely from person to person. It is important that you understand your natural method of communication before you begin your attorney search, so you can find one who is a good fit for you.  

Q. How Do I Find the Right Divorce Attorney for Me? 

Finding a divorce lawyer is actually quite similar to dating in that you may have to interview multiple candidates before you find someone you mesh well with. To some people, this process can feel rather daunting. To make your search more efficient, consider the following questions before, during, and after each interview: 

  • Would an attorney of the same gender make me feel more comfortable? 
  • Are there key morals or standards that are important to me? Is it important that my divorce attorney shares those morals or standards?
  • Does this candidate have experience in family law? Divorce law? Paternity? Have they taken on cases similar to my own? Was the outcome favorable? 
  • Do I feel as though I can be vulnerable with this person without judgment or shame? Do I trust them to adequately address my emotions? 

Finding an attorney to represent you during your divorce involves considering your needs and priorities and finding someone who can work well with them.

Q. How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost? 

The cost of your attorney’s fees will depend upon their level of expertise, their seniority in their firm, and other individual factors. There is no concrete answer to how much your divorce attorney will cost, though the average Texas divorce lawyer charges around $300 per hour. You’ll also need to pay filing fees and court costs, which can vary depending on whether your divorce is contested, the complexity of your family situation, and even the size of your assets.

The best thing you can do is discuss finances with your attorney from the beginning. Remember, attorneys have these conversations frequently, and do not find it uncomfortable to discuss their rates. In fact, most attorneys would rather discuss finances from the outset rather than lose a client after work has already begun. 

Q. Will I Automatically Lose Child Custody During My Divorce?

Many men fear that the courts will automatically give child custody to the children’s mother. This is a common misconception that stems from a bygone era where women shouldered nearly all the childcare burden. Today, the courts do not rely on gender when determining the division of child custody. Rather, the judge must consider the arrangement that is best for the health and safety of the child or children involved—which usually includes time spent with both parents. 

If you are a good parent, have a clean record, and have been involved in your children’s lives thus far, there is no reason to believe that you will lose custody. Keep in mind that work schedules are often taken into account with custody cases. If you have a demanding job and have little time to parent, the court might opt to give primary custody to the other parent, if only so that they can be physically present to care for them. Ideally, however, the courts like to see children have some access to two positive parental figures.

Men’s Divorce Attorney in Harris County, Texas

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