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How Can Our Child Custody Attorneys in Sugar Land Help Determine Custody in Texas?

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For many divorcing couples, issues regarding child custody are among the most highly contested and difficult circumstances to resolve. Often, neither spouse wishes to relinquish the opportunity to spend time with their children. Many refuse to compromise on child custody or visitation, which can present an issue when it comes to arriving at a mutually agreeable divorce settlement.

Due to the importance of determining custody and the complexities involved, it’s essential that divorcing individuals hire a reliable family law attorney in Sugar Land, Fort Bend County, Harris County, or surrounding areas. At The Love DuCote Law Firm, we have developed over 40 years of combined experience regarding divorce and child custody. Our skilled child custody attorneys have the mediation and negotiation skills necessary to help you reach a custody agreement or make modifications that suits you and your family. 

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Why Should I Hire a Texas Child Custody Attorney in Sugar Land?

If you are facing a critical child custody determination or need to modify an existing custody agreement, it’s essential to work with a family law attorney who has extensive experience and knowledge of the Texas family court system—particularly as it pertains to child support and child custody. Choosing not to work with a child custody lawyer can prove to be a costly mistake, especially if your ex-spouse has hired a lawyer of their own.

So, what are the most significant reasons to hire a child custody attorney? These are just a few examples:

Your Child Custody Attorney Can Help Reduce Stress

Divorce stress can arise from a number of factors, including practical concerns like asset division to the emotional struggles that many individuals face during a divorce. However, as soon as children are involved, a stressful divorce can become significantly more difficult to manage. After all, you are not only looking out for your own well-being, but you’re also fighting to secure the well-being of your children. 

Child custody battles are among the most significant stressors in the divorce process, and they’re only made more difficult when you attempt to fight them on your own. Worse, if you have little to no familiarity with the complexities of family law, child custody cases can quickly become overwhelming. Family law is a complicated legal area dictated by multiple Texas statutes, and child custody is certainly no exception.

As you attempt to navigate this unfamiliar, high-stakes situation, it’s wise to work with a professional with a wealth of experience in the area. A child custody lawyer understands exactly how best to approach a custody hearing to achieve a positive outcome for you and your children. This expert guidance can reassure you that you are pursuing the correct measures and take significant weight off your shoulders. 

A Child Custody Attorney Can Help You Avoid Detrimental Errors

Without experience in family law, it can be easy to make costly errors during the child custody proceedings. In fact, throughout a child custody hearing, there are countless points at which you can make a seemingly small mistake that can have a devastating impact on the outcome of your case. For example, missing a filing deadline or erroneously falsely completing a custody document could result in an unfavorable custody ruling.

Divorce and child custody cases involve far more than simply arriving at the courtroom and signing a few documents. These highly complex cases require a thorough understanding of the law and the skills necessary to avoid costly mistakes. An experienced Sugar Land child custody attorney understands the ins and outs of Texas child custody law and can ensure each phase of the hearing proceeds as it should.

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Hiring a Child Custody Attorney That Prioritizes Your Child’s Wellbeing

If your divorce case involves a child custody determination, it is critical to work with an experienced child custody attorney that can anticipate Texas family court’s views regarding the best interest of your children. The judge’s responsibility is to ensure you reach a child custody agreement that provides for those best interests, which often involves adequate time with both parents. Your child custody attorney can help you craft a child custody goal and present your suggestion to the court for approval.

Your attorney can also assist you in reaching a mutually agreeable arrangement with your ex-spouse during mediation or arbitration, and ensure it adheres with the guidelines set forth by Texas law. This tactic can reduce the time spent in court and provide a smoother transition for your children. Thus, when you choose to hire a child custody attorney, you are placing the needs of your children at the forefront. 

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How Is Custody Determined in Texas?

The child custody determinations made by Texas family court judges are not based on a whim or arbitrary reasoning. Rather, Texas judges must take a few factors into account as they work to determine the best possible child custody arrangement. 

As mentioned, the top priority of a Texas family court judge is to protect the welfare of any children impacted by the decision. Therefore, child custody arrangements are not influenced only by the wishes of the parents or their opinions about their ex-partner. Instead, the judge closely examines the circumstances of the case and makes a determination to provide for the best interests of the children.

Key questions the judge will consider include:

While Texas law allows children over the age of 12 to present their opinion regarding their own living situation, the judge will have the final say when determining the final custody arrangement.

Hire an Experienced and Compassionate Texas Child Custody Attorney in Sugar Land

If you are facing a child custody & visitation determination or looking to make modifications on an existing custody agreement, it is essential to secure the services of a skilled child custody attorney. Residents seeking child custody attorneys in Fort Bend County, Harris County, or surrounding areas, including the Sugar Land, Katy and Houston, Texas areas, have relied on The Love DuCote Law Firm for years. Our family law attorneys have over forty years of combined legal experience and a track record of success securing child custody rights for thousands of area parents. Interested in learning more or scheduling a consultation? Simply contact us through the form on our website.