Fort Bend County Drug Crime Lawyer

Fort Bend County Drug Crime Lawyer

As the war on drugs continues, local law enforcement, police, and the federal government are increasingly attacking offenders, despite their failing efforts to curb drug use across the United States.

Texas, in particular, has some of the harshest penalties for drug crimes in the country. If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a drug crime, you need the aggressive representation of an experienced Fort Bend County drug crime lawyer.

At The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC, we work tirelessly to protect your rights and future. A Fort Bend County drug crime lawyer will provide a strong defense and will do everything possible to secure a positive outcome in your case. We have the experience, skills, and resources to navigate the criminal justice system and defend your interests.

When you contact our law firm, you will be protected by the attorney-client relationship, meaning you can speak with us openly and honestly without fear of repercussions. We are here to protect your rights, regardless of the circumstances.

A conviction for a drug crime will have an impact on the rest of your life, and so it is essential that you have the best representation possible. Contact The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC today at 832-843-1691 and find out how we can help.

Illegal Drug Classifications in Texas

In Texas, controlled substances are regulated by the  Texas Controlled Substances Act. The act categorizes controlled substances into six categories known as penalty groups. The only exception is marijuana, which is treated differently. The penalty groups are:

  • Penalty Group 1 – Includes mescaline, cocaine, ketamine, meth, and heroin.
  • Penalty Group 1-A- Includes LSD.
  • Penalty Group 2 – Includes MDMA, hashish and other drugs derived from cannabis.
  • Penalty Group 2-A – Synthetic cannabinoids.
  • Penalty Group 3 – Includes Anabolic steroids, Xanax, Lorazepam.
  • Penalty Group 4 – Compounds with small amounts of codeine or opium.

The punishments for drug crimes vary; one factor is the Penalty Group under which the controlled substance in question falls. Penalty Group 1 carries the most severe penalties, and Penalty Group 4 carries the least.


Who We Help At The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC

At The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC we provide aggressive representation for anyone being charged with a drug crime. Our Fort Bend County drug crime attorneys have extensive experience navigating a broad range of crimes, including complex and federal drug crimes.

We have successfully defended clients facing numerous drug crimes, including:

  • Misdemeanor drug charges, such as possession of a small amount of marijuana.
  • Conspiracy of illegal drugs, which is the agreement to violate drug laws.
  • Controlled substance possession.
  • Charges involving unauthorized possession or distribution of prescription drugs.
  • Possession of any illegal substance.
  • Felony drug charges, including drug trafficking, drug distribution, or drug manufacturing.

Developing an Aggressive Defense For Drug Crime Charges in Fort Bend County, TX

Your Texas criminal defense lawyer will assess your case and determine the best possible defense strategy. Once you agree to the representation, they will get to work quickly to gather evidence, study police reports, and determine how to best move forward with your specific case.

Every case involving drug-related charges is unique and requires the careful consideration of an experienced attorney. However, some common defenses are:

Illegal Search And Seizure

Drug cases that involve search and seizure involve strict regulations, law enforcement can only obtain drug evidence through appropriate means, and if they fail to do so, then your case could be thrown out. Your drug crime attorney will investigate your case to determine whether proper regulations were adhered to.

For example, law enforcement cannot search a home without a valid warrant or a vehicle without probable cause. Any evidence that was not obtained legally will be dismissed in court. If the remaining evidence is lacking, then the prosecution will be unable to secure a conviction.

Police Misconduct

Law enforcement can commit misconduct in several ways, such as coercing a false confession, intimidation, or falsifying evidence. Any evidence that has been secured through police misconduct can be dismissed, leading to a weakening of the case against you.

The prosecution must prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That requires substantial evidence, and any evidence that can be dismissed or brought into question will work in your favor.

Knowingly and Intentionally

In order for the prosecution to be successful they must prove that you knowingly and intentionally committed the crime. For example, perhaps someone left a bag of marijuana in your car, and you were not aware that it was there. Or perhaps you were not aware that the person you were selling drug paraphernalia to was a minor.

Which Drug Crimes Are Considered Federal Offenses?

If you are under investigation for any drug crime, no matter how minor, it is important that you secure legal representation from a qualified criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Any conviction will result in a criminal record, hindering your ability to find work, a home, travel, and harming your reputation, your criminal record, your ability to own firearms, your driver’s license, and many other rights and privileges. For more serious offenses, you could be facing potential jail time and hefty fines.

The most serious crimes are federal offenses. All federal offenses carry the possibility of jail time; examples include:

  • Drug Possession – Drug possession is sometimes considered a felony, depending on the amount of the controlled substance and which penalty group it falls under.
  • Drug Trafficking – Knowingly and intentionally delivering a controlled substance.
  • Drug Paraphernalia Devil very To A Minor – Knowling delivering drug paraphernalia to someone under 18, when you are over 18.
  • Intent to Distribute – Drug possession charges with the intent to distribute could be classified a felony. Evidence includes the amount of the substance and drug paraphernalia, such as plastic bags.
  • Drug Manufacturing – To produce, prepare, convert, or propagate controlled substances. This includes, directly and indirectly, extracting a substance or labeling or packaging the illegal drug.
  • Prescription Drug Fraud – Knowingly possesses or attempts to possess an increased amount of a controlled substance through fraud.

What Can a Fort Bend County Drug Crime Lawyer Do For You?

At The Love DuCote Law Firm LLC, our criminal defense attorneys are skilled litigators. We offer realistic guidance, discrete representation, and a commitment to securing the best possible outcome.

When it comes to drug charges, we will look to take advantage of every possible weakness in the case against you. We will also work to protect your future by working towards the dismissal of charges and the sealing of records where possible. We will do this by examining documents and information before the trial begins and aggressively representing you in court.

Where a dismissal is not possible, we will work to minimize the charges brought against you. That could mean facing a misdemeanor rather than a felony and avoiding a jail sentence. In the event that you are offered a plea deal, we will advise you on how to proceed with your case, ensuring that we are always fighting for your best chance of success.

Contact A Fort Bend County Drug Crime Lawyer Today

Your Fort Bend County drug crime lawyer will fight relentlessly to give you the most successful outcome.

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