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Litigation continues in Kelly Clarkson’s divorce

Texas music fans may recall when Kelly Clarkson made a name for herself as the first season champion of the musical talent show, “American Idol,” in 2002. Her success has been steadfast as a singer, songwriter and, most recently, as a talk show host….

What’s the toughest part of a divorce?

No one can predict which Texas married couples will stay together for a lifetime and which will not. Divorce is prevalent throughout the state and across the country. Various issues might prompt a person’s decision to legally end a marriage, including infidelity, financial…

Did financial disputes lead to your divorce?

It’s no secret that many spouses in Texas and across the country are struggling in marriage. A significant issue in many marriages is financial crisis, especially in situations where spouses are facing a substantial amount of debt. Current data shows that many spouses…

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