Category: High Asset Divorce

How Can You Protect Financial Interests When Dividing Assets in a Texas Divorce

Perhaps you grew tired of always fighting with your spouse about money. You may be one of many Texas residents who have recently filed for divorce. If so, it pays to seek clarification of state property division laws before heading to court to…

Texas divorce laws regarding spousal support

Finances are always a top priority for Texas married couples who decide to go their separate ways. Especially in a high net worth divorce, and particularly for those who have children, numerous issues must be resolved in order to achieve a fair settlement. In this…

Certain assets that couples may overlook in divorce

In a divorce scenario, the division of assets must always get scrutiny. When separating, longtime couples with significant assets should know about the obvious ones, including the house, any investment real estate or second homes and, of course, retirement accounts. However, sometimes, certain…

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