Category: High Asset Divorce

What you need to know about community property

Now that you have decided to get divorced, it is time for you to think about how things will change. One of the most important characteristics of a divorce is property division. The court will divide everything you acquired during your marriage between…

Litigation continues in Kelly Clarkson’s divorce

Texas music fans may recall when Kelly Clarkson made a name for herself as the first season champion of the musical talent show, “American Idol,” in 2002. Her success has been steadfast as a singer, songwriter and, most recently, as a talk show host….

Will alimony be part of your divorce proceedings?

In Texas and throughout the country, family court judges often make decisions regarding finances and property when a married couple files a petition to end their relationship. In divorce, marital property issues are separate from alimony, which is also known as “spousal support.”…

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