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Litigation continues in Kelly Clarkson’s divorce

Texas music fans may recall when Kelly Clarkson made a name for herself as the first season champion of the musical talent show, “American Idol,” in 2002. Her success has been steadfast as a singer, songwriter and, most recently, as a talk show host. In her personal life, however, things may not have turned out the way she had hoped in her marriage, which prompted her to file for divorce last year.  

Clarkson and her ex have several issues yet to settle 

Clarkson’s ex, Brandon Blackstock, says he refuses to rush through proceedings regarding important matters, such as child support and alimony. Clarkson, however, wants to move on with her life, which is why she has asked to the court to declare her “legally single” even though her divorce is not finalized. Some people have speculated that Clarkson may want to regain a single status so that she can start dating again.  

There is no set amount of time to settle a divorce 

Every divorce is unique, especially for parents who must come to an agreement regarding where their children will live, whether child support will be paid, alimony, property division and other legal issues. In Clarkson’s case, she currently has primary custody of her two children, ages 7 and 5. The singer has made it known that she has tried her best to achieve a fair settlement and is frustrated because she believes Blackstock is purposely stalling proceedings.  

A Texas court can intervene if parents cannot reach an agreement 

In this state and all others, if a set of parents are unable to resolve child-related issues or other legal matters in a divorce, they can ask the court to make thedecisions on their behalf. Once a family court judge issues an order, both parties must adhere to its terms. If a concerned parent thinks that his or her ex is purposely trying to delay proceedings, it is a good idea to discuss the matter with an experienced divorce litigation attorney to determine a best course of action to resolve the issue.  


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