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Common Causes of a Texas Divorce

No one can predict which Texas marriages will last a lifetime and which will not. Divorce is just as prevalent in this state as it is throughout the country, however. While every case is unique, there are often common factors to which spouses across the board can relate.

  • Studies show that spouses with the highest levels of education tend to divorce less often.
  • Age at the time of marriage also seems to significantly impact the longevity of a marriage. The younger spouses are when they wed, the more likely they might divorce.
  • Financial problems can place a strain on any marriage, even those where spouses consider their bond quite strong. In many cases, arguments over money or other financial issues build a wedge between spouses, and sometimes become the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
  • Many people believe that living together before marriage helps a couple prepare for wedded life, although they may be surprised to learn that statistics show that spouses who cohabitated before marriage are at greater risk for divorce than those who did not.
  • Infidelity, lack of companionship and numerous other issues are often cited as reasons for divorce in Texas and elsewhere.

In Any Case, Protect Yourself With a Texas Divorce Lawyer

No matter what events may have led to a marital breakdown, it is critical that a spouse filing a petition seeks clarification of state laws, and also knows how to protect his or her rights and interests during proceedings. Especially if there are children involved, it is wise to rely on experienced legal representation rather than trying to go it alone in court. Contact our legal team in Sugar Land, TX to find out more information.

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