Month: November 2020

Kelly Dodd and ex at odds over child custody

When a Texas married couple files for divorce, particularly if there are children involved, it is not uncommon for them to want to keep proceedings as private as possible. In some cases, such as if one or both spouses happen to be famous,…

Dealing with financial distress after divorce

Most Texas residents would agree that life can be described as a series of ever-changing events. Some change is gradual and expected, such as aging. Other changes, however, occur abruptly or unexpectedly, such as job loss or divorce. When a marriage breaks up,…

How to execute an amicable child custody plan

Like many Texas spouses, you may have had an inkling for quite some time that your marriage was headed for divorce before you or your spouse actually filed paperwork. From the start, your main priority has been making sure your children’s best interests…

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