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Kelly Dodd and ex at odds over child custody

When a Texas married couple files for divorce, particularly if there are children involved, it is not uncommon for them to want to keep proceedings as private as possible. In some cases, such as if one or both spouses happen to be famous, details of a child custody case or divorce might become known to the public. Regarding Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd, it was she herself who posted comments on social media about her child custody problems with her former spouse.

Dodd and her ex have a daughter. Dodd has since remarried since filing for divorce from her ex in 2017. Her social media posts suggest proceedings have been less than amicable; in fact, Dodd says the divorce was delayed because her ex refused to sign documents. She also called him a “deadbeat” father, saying he skipped at least 12 weeks of scheduled custody with his 14-year-old daughter in recent months.

Dodd has publicly stated that her daughter’s stepfather is much more present and attentive in her daughter’s life than the teenager’s biological father chooses to be. Such comments sparked a rebuttal on social media from the girlfriend of Dodd’s ex, who stated that Dodd gave too short of notice when requesting that her ex pick up their daughter from tennis lessons to take her to supper so the two could have some father/daughter time together. Such complications are less likely to arise for Texas spouses who divorce if they write out clear terms of agreement in their child custody plans.

If a parent disregards an existing order issued by a Texas family court, the other parent can bring the matter to the judge’s attention. A judge may decide to rule that the parent disobeying the court order is in contempt of court. Of course, children fare best in child custody situations when their parents agree to cooperate and compromise as needed. An experienced family law attorney can help a concerned parent make sure his or her child’s best interests are a central focus of all divorce proceedings.

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