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November 2019 Archives

Car vs. ambulance crash may lead to DWI charges for driver

Emergency vehicles here in Sugar Land and elsewhere may break certain traffic laws as long as it is deemed safe. Since drivers ordinarily anticipate the flow of traffic to follow the rules, emergency vehicles use their lights and sirens to warn them of their presence and probable defiance of them such as going through red traffic signals in order to hasten their trips. Of course, drivers must pay attention in order to react to these situations, and if a driver fails to do so, police may suspect impairment, which could lead to DWI charges.

Divorce, an ex-spouse and Social Security benefits

Finances are a primary concern for many people about to end a marriage. A change in lifestyle is usually inevitable after a divorce, and making ends meet may require some support. Even if a Texas resident receives spousal support, he or she may decide to take advantage of another source of income to supplement it -- Social Security benefits.

Those facing a first-offense DWI may benefit from a change in law

Everyone makes mistakes. One that some Texas drivers make is driving while intoxicated, and many feel that mistake should not necessarily negatively impact their lives. The Texas legislature appeared to agree that certain individuals deserve a second chance and changed the laws by adding a provision that could benefit those facing a first-offense DWI.

Drug convictions can derail a young person’s future

As we grow into adulthood, we all face moments where our future seems uncertain, and these moments can have huge impacts on the paths our lives take. One of the most destructive and difficult challenges to face for any young person is a drug possession charge. Many people throw their hands up and hope that the prosecutor or judge "takes it easy" on them, but this is rarely a wise approach.

Parallel parenting plans help children and parents

Some Sugar Land couples cannot easily envision a time when they can talk to each other after a divorce without it turning into an argument. This could make co-parenting nearly impossible since it requires a lot more contact between the parents than these couples can handle. Parallel parenting plans could provide the answer.

Prepare to make numerous financial choices during divorce

Ending a marriage means untangling the financial life of a Sugar Land couple. In order to do this properly, each party needs to pay close attention to the couple's current financial situation as well as what each of them will need for the future. This means preparing for the financial aspects of the divorce ahead of time to gain some idea of how to divide assets and liabilities going forward.

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