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Sobriety misconceptions that could lead to a DWI arrest

Most Sugar Land residents have heard all kinds of theories about how to stay sober while drinking. The problem is that most of them do not affect a person’s blood alcohol concentration. Following these sobriety misconceptions could lead to a DWI arrest.

For example, some say that eating bread will “soak up” the alcohol in a person’s stomach, which will help sober them up. However, eating anything after someone has already started drinking does not help. Bread will not take the place of the alcohol already in the bloodstream.

Other people say that taking a nap will help because alcohol leaves the system over time. That may be true, but it would be quite a nap since it takes up to 10 hours for all of the alcohol to metabolize and leave the body. Therefore, taking a short nap will do nothing to lower a person’s BAC.

Some say that drinking coffee helps, but all it does is help with drowsiness for a short time. It has no effect on a person’s BAC. It would only help keep someone who is drunk awake, but it will not make his or her reaction times any better or help him or her pass a breath test.

The only cure for drunk driving is to either not drink or not to drive until all of the alcohol has left the body, which could take hours. Having a designated driver, or calling a cab, Uber or a friend or family member is another option. Otherwise, it would be risky and dangerous to get behind the wheel after drinking.

Even busting certain myths regarding how to sober up in order to drive does not necessarily mean that a Sugar Land resident will not make a mistake and drive after drinking. If this happens, it could result in a DWI arrest. It would be wise to take the situation seriously and take the steps necessary to help ensure the best possible outcome if any formal charges result from the arrest.

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