Month: April 2019

Community property, separate property and your divorce

Divorce is not a decision made lightly. Deciding to end a relationship once built on love can leave spouses who were once on the same page squabbling over everything. It helps to know some of the key factors when it comes to dividing…

Actor, spokesperson arrested in Texas on DWI charge

The spokesperson for a well-known website is facing drunk driving charges. Timothy Williams, 52, an actor and spokesperson for Trivago, was recently arrested in Texas on a DWI charge. Although Williams was freed on a $100 bond, he will need to enlist the…

Drug crimes accusations require strong criminal defense

Trafficking in illegal drugs has been a serious problem in Texas and the rest of the country for many years. Texas’s proximity to the Mexican border does make it an attractive base of operation for distribution of drugs that may be coming in…

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