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Negotiation skills that come in handy in divorce

When you and your spouse discuss matters of importance, are you usually able to do so in an amicable fashion? If not, you can likely relate to other spouses in Texas and beyond who typically wind up frustrated or arguing with their partners…

Divorce: Things get complex regarding pet custody

Numerous issues must be resolved when a Texas couple decides to end their marriage. Divorce can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. Lately, the subject of “pet custody” comes up more often in court. The only problem is that pet custody isn’t really a…

Divorce: Is sole custody is the best option?

Navigating child custody proceedings in a Texas court can be stressful. Once the decision to file for divorce is made, parents must resolve numerous issues regarding their children’s well-being. There are several types of custody, and determining a best course of action can…

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