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A sensitive child custody issue

When a Texas parent files for divorce, he or she must resolve numerous issues before a fair settlement can be achieved. In some cases, particularly if the relationship between a specific pair of parents is contentious, complex issues may arise that spark a dispute. If the parents in question are unable to resolve a child custody issue, for example, a concerned parent may ask the court to intervene.  

What happens to frozen embryos in a divorce? 

Perhaps one of the most delicate issues a Texas parent might face in a child custody battle concerns embryos that may have been part of an advanced technological means of achieving conception. Many spouses choose to have embryos frozen. At the time, the spouses might be asked to sign an agreement as to what should happen to the embryos if they ever decide to divorce.  

The court would make a custody decision 

A spouse might have questions about a frozen embryo agreement, such as whether it is legally enforceable in court. A spouse might also feel differently about the situation in preparation for divorce than he or she did when the initial agreement was signed and the marriage was intact. Every state has its own guidelines regarding such matters, and it is a good idea to research Texas divorce and child custody laws before heading to court, especially if a sensitive issue such as frozen embryos is relevant to a case.  

Reaching out for additional support 

Signing a child custody agreement is an important part of the process when a Texas parent files for divorce. Whether or not a case involves a sensitive issue, such as frozen embryos, a concerned parent may reach out for legal support if he or she does not feel equipped to handle an issue alone in court. An experienced family law attorney can help protect a parent’s rights and make sure that a fair settlement is achieved.  

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