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Worried about back-to-school child custody issues?

Divorce is never easy for Texas parents or others throughout the country. There is no question that it disrupts family life and may cause confusion, sadness or upset to children. However, it is possible to achieve a fair settlement and carry out a co-parenting plan in a peaceful manner to help children cope and adapt to a new lifestyle. With the back-to-school season just ahead, it is helpful to parents to keep several tips in mind.  

Communicate clearly and consistently 

While a parent might not want to spend a lot of time with his or her ex, it is necessary to stay in contact with each other as co-parents, especially if the goal is to avoid back-to-school stress. The more willing both parents are to peacefully discuss school-related issues, the less likely there might be for disputes to arise. If parents take the time to write out detailed and thorough terms of agreement, they will be in a better position to establish a routine and restore a sense of normalcy in their children’s daily life. 

Having terms of agreement in writing helps avoid legal problems 

Whether the topic is the back-to-school season, a health issue or any other child-related matter, it is always best to put terms of agreement in writing and seek the court’s approval. When a family court judge issues a child custody order, both parents must adhere to its terms. In light of this fact, if a co-parent disregards a court order, a concerned parent can seek the court’s intervention to resolve the problem.  

Children’s best interests should always be a central focus 

Returning to school after summer break is typically an exciting yet stressful time for kids. For a child whose parents have recently filed for divorce in a Texas court, it can be especially challenging. It is helpful for a parent to be proactive, not only to protect his or her rights regarding child custody issues but to make sure that the children’s best interests are the central focus of all proceedings.  

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