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Reasons many Texas spouses file for divorce

Most Texas married couples experience problems in their relationships on occasion. Some couples have more disagreements than others; in fact, some might say that they feel like all they do is fight with their partners. 

If you would categorize your relationship in a similar way, then you might be one of many spouses throughout the state who decide they’d rather move on in life alone than stay in an unhappy marriage. 

Commitment, compatibility and communication are key issues 

Studies show that several issues are prevalent in marriages that end in divorce. You might feel like incompatibility is a problem issue in your marriage if you often find yourself lamenting the fact that you and your spouse have grown apart and no longer have any shared interests.  

Perhaps lack of commitment is another issue to which you can relate when considering the reasons that led to your decision to file for divorce. Many spouses say they felt that their partners were not as dedicated as they were to making their marriages work. If you and your partner have trouble with communication in your marriage, with most discussions leading to an argument, you’re definitely not alone in your struggle as this is also a common reason cited for divorce. 

When a decision to file a divorce petition is made 

If these or other issues have been prevalent in your relationship for some time, you may have simply decided that you’d rather move on in life without your partner than remain in an unhappy marriage. There is no way to predict with 100% certainty which married couples will be able to overcome their problems and which will choose to file for divorce.  

While no two relationships are exactly the same, many spouses find themselves able to relate to others who have gone through similar experiences, which is why it can be helpful to speak with a trusted friend or members of a support group if you have trouble coping with a divorce. 

Some spouses divorce after a crisis event 

Not all divorces occur because spouses argue a lot or are not compatible. For some, the end of the relationship comes much more abruptly, such as cases where one spouse files for divorce after discovering that the other committed infidelity. 

Divorce is never easy but may be especially challenging for you if infidelity was an issue that prompted your decisions. It’s understandable to have feelings of anger and betrayal, which can have an impact on court proceedings. It’s a good idea to reach out for additional support to help you stay calm and to protect your interests in court. 

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