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Narcissism can complicate a Texas divorce

A more formal term for narcissism is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). A marked behavior of NPD is self-obsession. Other key traits of a person who may have this disorder include lack of empathy, envy over other people’s success and exhibiting signs of having an inflated ego. When a spouse is narcissistic, it can present serious challenges in a marriage. It is, in fact, a causal factor that often leads to divorce in Texas and throughout the country.

When a spouse files for divorce, he or she may do so after growing tired of feeling isolated and lonely when his or her partner fails to show support or offer companionship. People with NPD often have trouble controlling their anger. Sadly, outbursts of rage (typically stemming from not getting their way) often result in emotionally or physically abusive relationships. Even if a spouse is not abusive, it is understandable that a spouse who has been dealing with a toxic relationship might ultimately determine that he or she would rather move on in life alone than stay in an unhappy marriage.

Just as living with a narcissist can be difficult, navigating divorce from a spouse who has NPD can be stressful as well. Since a narcissist is driven by a desire to always have the upper hand, he or she might not be willing to compromise or cooperate regarding child custody issues, for instance, or property division proceedings. It would also not be out of character for someone with NPD to try to get a former spouse to doubt his or her decision to file for divorce or to try to turn children against their other parent.

Tapping into local resources can be helpful for a Texas spouse who has filed for divorce from a narcissist. Licensed counselors, extended family members or trusted friends who have gone through similar experiences can provide encouragement, advice and support. It is imperative that anyone filing for divorce gain an understanding of applicable laws, such as community property laws in this state. Being as informed as possible is a key toward getting a comprehensive and appropriate settlement.

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