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Medical issues delay Dr. Dre’s divorce

If a Texas spouse encounters challenges regarding adverse health, he or she may need medical attention that winds up causing financial distress. If, at the time, the spouse in question also happens to be navigating divorce, his or her health condition may prompt a delay toward settlement. This appears to be the case for rapper, record producer Andre Romelle Young, more commonly known as “Dr. Dre” and his ex, Nicole Young.

Dr. Dre is said to have suffered a brain aneurysm and is currently in recovery. Because of this, it will be some time before the former spouses can schedule another hearing to settle their divorce. In the meantime, Dre has agreed to provide financial support to Young until such time that a permanent agreement may be achieved.

As part of the temporary agreement, Dre says he will pay $2 million to cover Young’s expenses until they sign settlement documents. Dre and Young had been married just under 25 years when Young filed for divorce. Now, she is challenging the validity of a prenuptial agreement the former couple had signed before their wedding day.

Issues regarding prenuptial contracts, spousal support and property division can be complex and difficult to resolve for Texas spouses who disagree. It is helpful to reach out for additional support rather than trying to go it alone in court. An experienced family law attorney acts on behalf of a client to protect his or her rights and financial interests during proceedings.

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