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Divorce: Tisha Campbell talks about financial implications

As is often the case for famous people, celebrity Tisha Campbell understands what it is like to have one’s personal life plastered across Hollywood news headlines. Campbell and her former spouse, actor/film producer Duane Martin, filed for bankruptcy and then filed for divorce about a year later. Campbell says that she was entering a post-divorce lifestyle under serious financial strain, mostly because her ex was not playing by the rules regarding full disclosure of marital property. Campbell’s case may serve as a reminder to Texas spouses preparing for property division proceedings that the court has regulations in place that govern such matters.

Campbell says that her former husband had received a loan from a friend. She says he used the money to purchase a home and then turned a profit when he sold the home for $1 million. However, instead of disclosing the profit as marital property during divorce proceedings, Campbell says her ex pocketed the cash and said nothing to the court. The TV sitcom star says that, after all of this, she had little more than $7 in her pocket as she and her two sons made plans for the future together.

Since that time, Campbell’s acting and TV host career has picked up again. The former “Martin” star says she has never been happier. She also credits her sons for being part of an amazing support network, which she says was the key to her getting back on her feet again after divorce. As stated earlier, each state has property division guidelines in place. In all 50 states, it is illegal to hide assets in divorce.

If a Texas spouse is concerned about property division or other divorce issues, he or she may request a consultation with an experienced family law attorney. Such an attorney knows how to investigate a suspected hidden asset scheme and can act on a client’s behalf to bring such matters to the court’s attention. A judge reviewing such a case may rule an offending spouse in contempt if evidence proves that he or she was trying to beat the system.

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