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Actor Armie Hammer facing child custody problems

Texas parents currently navigating divorce proceedings may relate to legal problems actor Armie Hammer is facing in his divorce from Elizabeth Chambers owner of the Bird Bakery. Parents of two young children, Hammer and Chambers had been staying in the Cayman Islands with their kids due to the pandemic, and both apparently agreed to return to the United States after they separated in order to resolve child custody issues.

Problems arose for Hammer after he came back to the United States but Chambers remained in the Cayman Islands with the kids. Chambers had reportedly promised her ex she would be following not long after him but never arrived. She apparently sued for divorce over the summer, seeking sole custody of the kids

Hammer has formal requested joint custody and is seeking Chambers’ immediate return to the United States with their children. Hammer has indicated that he trusts Chambers wants what is best for their children as much as he does, and he hopes they can work out an agreement that has the least amount of negative impact on the kids as possible.

Many Texas parents incorporate terms of agreement into their child custody plans stating that a co-parent must be informed and approve any plan to take children out of state or overseas. If this is included in a court order, then both parents must adhere to the terms. Any parent concerned about a legal issue concerning child custody may reach out for support from an experienced family law attorney.

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