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Texas spouses can personalize divorce agreements

When a Texas couple decides to end their marriage, they have to make a number of important decisions. When they also happen to be parents together, child custody issues are typically a high priority. The good news is that the parents can customize their agreements to fit their family’s needs and ultimate goals concerning divorce.

Such decisions can be stressful and emotionally upsetting. There are several things parents can do to minimize stress, however, especially if they are willing to work as a team for the sake of their children. Parents might choose to write specific terms in their co-parenting agreement, perhaps, even including stipulations that add levity to an otherwise difficult situation.

A couple in another state who decided to divorce have two children together. One of the spouses wanted what most people would consider some unusual terms incorporated into their settlement plan. Every July Fourth during the marriage the family apparently attended a family celebration in another state, and during those trips the mother introduced the father to a local pizza restaurant. The mom wanted to continue those Independence Day trips with the kids, and the dad agreed they could go so long as the mom brought him back a pizza from his favorite restaurant.

The mother said she was initially taken aback by the request, but decided there was no harm in agreeing, particularly since she was the one who had originally introduced her ex to the pizza shop. In fact, she says the unique stipulation wound up making divorce less stressful by giving them something to laugh about.  Any Texas spouse who has questions about an uncommon issue in a settlement or custody agreement may wish to discuss the matter with an experienced family law attorney before signing any documents.

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