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Divorce: Newman accused of domestic violence

As many Texas spouses can relate, there are often problematic issues in a marriage that prompt one or the other spouse to end the marriage. Divorce can be emotionally upsetting, especially if one of the spouses in question is accused of domestic violence. Fanboys director, Kyle Newman, is currently facing a similar situation after his estranged wife of more than 10 years filed a restraining order against him.

Jaime King also requested that the court grant an emergency custody petition she filed on behalf of her two children, ages 6 and 4. The judge overseeing the case ruled that Newman must stay more than 100 yards away from King. However, the emergency custody order was denied without prejudice.

The former couple had met on the Fanboys set in 2007. King told reporters she had felt an instant connection with Newman. As happens in marriages, however, issues arose as time passed that caused the two spouses to drift apart. The recently ordered restraining order is temporary, pending further court proceedings.

In cases where domestic violence is an issue, a Texas family court judge may make decisions, not only regarding the spouses but also the children. In some cases, a judge may rule that a parent must have supervised visits while in other cases, such visits might be completely prohibited. The court will review the details of an individual case to determine what is best for the children. A concerned parent may seek support by requesting a meeting with an attorney who is experienced in child custody litigation.

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