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When child custody may be modified in Texas

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Child Custody |

Child custody modification is a topic many parents may have concerns about. It is helpful for parents with questions or concerns about how their child custody arrangement may be modified in Texas to have the answers they need.

As children grow and change, it may be necessary to modify a child custody arrangement. Other changes in circumstances may also lead to a request for a child custody modification. There are several different ways child custody may be modified provided it is in the best interests of the child. Parents may be able to agree to a child custody modification, however, it is necessary for the family law court to approve of the change and to update the child custody order.

When the family law court evaluates a child custody modification, it will examine several different factors to determine if a modification should be granted. In general, the court is looking to see if there has been a material and substantial change in circumstances to support the child custody modification. Examples of what may be considered a material and substantial change is if the circumstances of either the parents or the child have materially or substantially changed; if the prior child custody order has become unworkable or inappropriate given existing circumstances; or if one of the parents has moved without providing the required sixty-days notice.

As a general rule, parents should continue to follow any existing child custody order until the family law court has made any change. Child custody modifications are important for parents and children which is why it is essential to understand what they are based one and when one may be granted.