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Child custody: Signs that your kids might be struggling

If a Texas married couple who have children decide to divorce, there are numerous issues they must resolve before they can achieve a fair settlement. One of the top priorities is to devise a child custody agreement. Each child copes with divorce in his or her own unique way. Parents will want to closely monitor their children to watch for signs that they may be struggling.

In a majority of divorces across the country, children involved are under age 18. Kids of this age tend to internalize their parents’ problems. If two parents disagree about physical or legal custody, children might feel they’re to blame, not only for the dispute itself but for the divorce as well.

If a child’s school grades begin to suffer, or he or she becomes reclusive, it may be a sign that support is especially needed. Temper tantrums, loss of appetite or regressive behaviors are also symptoms that a child is struggling to cope with the changes divorce has brought to his or her life. The more willing co-parents are to compromise and cooperate in executing a child custody agreement, the less stressful the overall situation might be for their children.

Sometimes, a legal problem might arise this is not immediately resolvable. Remembering that all child custodyproceedings should focus on children’s best interests, a concerned parent can reach out for professional support as needed. If a child who is struggling sees that his or her parent is not afraid to seek guidance and support, then the child is more likely to ask for help when facing emotional or other problems adapting to a post-divorce lifestyle.



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