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Parental alienation harms children caught in the middle

An acrimonious divorce between parents in Sugarland can lead to lingering negative feelings even after the final divorce papers are signed. Child custody can be an especially thorny issue. Both parents may want to spend as much time with their child as possible and may resent the time their child spends with their ex. Some parents may go as far bad-mouthing their ex, in an effort to influence their child to also think poorly of their ex. Known as parental alienation, this behavior can ultimately harm both the child and the parents.

When parents try to win the favor of their child in order to get revenge on their ex by bad-mouthing their ex, the child can feel guilty about loving both parents. It can even affect the bond the child has with each parent. These problems can negatively affect the child for years, lasting even into adulthood.

Despite the animosity two parents may have between each other following a divorce, it is important that they put the child’s well-being first. Good communication is important in making sure the child is growing up in a positive environment. This means respecting their ex’s time and relationship with their child.

Some child custody plans allow for joint physical custody (known as joint managing conservatorship in Texas), wherein both parents spend around an equal amount of time with the child. Other child custody plans give one parent sole physical custody and the other parent visitation rights. No matter what the situation, parents need to ensure child custody exchanges are done on time and that they avoid bad-mouthing their ex.

Children should not feel caught in the middle of two warring parents. By keeping the child’s best interests in mind, parents can ensure that their child has a meaningful relationship with each of them, which can benefit both the child and parents in the long run.

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