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Child custody: Jolie vs Pitt, again

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Child Custody |

Texas parents who are struggling to resolve divorce-related issues may relate to Angelina Jolie’s case. Those who have followed Jolie’s divorce case know that she and her ex-spouse, Brad Pitt, have navigated some highly contentious child custody hearings. It seems they are heading back to court in light of a new petition Jolie has filed, requesting that five of her children be evaluated as part of the custody proceedings.

When a parent makes such a request of the court, it is often because he or she believes a co-parent has somehow placed the children in question at risk. Many cases like this involve allegations of parental substance abuse or mental illness. In Pitt’s case, he admitted some time ago that he was addicted to alcohol. He entered a substance abuse program to help him beat the addiction.

At one point, the family court judge overseeing the case ordered that Pitt’s visits with his children be supervised. In some cases, judges prohibit visitation altogether if the court determines that it is what is best for children in a particular set of circumstances. If a parent files a petition that prompts a child evaluation that convinces a judge that children’s well-being is at risk, the judge can modify an existing child custody order to restrict or prohibit visitation, or to remove custody from a parent, if necessary.

The details of Jolie’s recent petition are being kept private. Any Texas parent with child custody concerns may wish to discuss his or her case with an experienced family law attorney in a confidential setting, who can help determine a best course of action. The more complex a specific issue happens to be, the better off a parent is in seeking legal support before heading to court.