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Avoiding self-sabotage on social media in child custody matters

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms out there, and many Sugar Land residents have a social media presence there. They may post pictures, talk about their lives, and otherwise share with their friends on a daily basis. However, when parents are in the midst of dealing with child custody matters, Facebook could end up being a vehicle for self-sabotage.

Like people everywhere, those Sugar Land residents may still believe that anything they post on Facebook is private and only accessible to friends or friends of friends, depending on their privacy settings. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, the evidence indicates that posts and pictures from Facebook end up in family law courts across the country.

Anyone currently working out their child custody issues ought to avoid posts that could put them in an unfavorable light. For instance, posting about a new boyfriend or girlfriend, badmouthing the other party or posting about a night on the town could all put a person’s character in question. When it comes to what happens to the children, a parent needs to remain above reproach as much as possible, especially if the court will be deciding the fate of the family.

Some family law attorneys will advise their clients to stay off social media such as Facebook altogether while child custody matters are under consideration. If this is not possible or desirable, then it would be wise for a parent to consult with an attorney to determine what would or would not be acceptable. There may be enough obstacles to overcome regarding the children, and the last thing a parent needs is for a mistake such as a Facebook post or picture to get in the way of the desired outcome.

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