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Drug convictions can derail a young person’s future

As we grow into adulthood, we all face moments where our future seems uncertain, and these moments can have huge impacts on the paths our lives take. One of the most destructive and difficult challenges to face for any young person is a drug possession charge. Many people throw their hands up and hope that the prosecutor or judge “takes it easy” on them, but this is rarely a wise approach.

Anyone who faces drug possession charges should consider all of the legal tools and guidance that they have available and use these tools to build the best defense they can. Without a strong defense, the risks are simply too great. In Texas, and many other states throughout the country, the punishments for drug possession are much harsher than other non-violent offenses, and a single mistake can alter the course of a person’s life forever.

The costs of a drug possession conviction

When a person receives drug charges, they may worry that they simply cannot afford to build a strong legal defense. This certainly makes sense, if they do not understand how much their conviction may ultimately cost them. While the cost of a strong defense may seem intimidating, the long-term costs of a conviction are almost always much, much higher.

First, the punishment handed down by the court for a conviction typically includes fines and legal fees, as well as jail time. These costs can vary, but once the individual pays these costs and serves their time, the matter is settled — right? Unfortunately, many of the difficulties of living with a drug conviction on one’s record only become obvious once a person attempts to move on from this chapter of their lives and re-enter society.

Drug convictions throw up red flags for many of the people who review school applications, job applications and even housing applications. Even a small possession conviction can hurt a person’s ability to continue their education or gain job skills and qualifications.

It may also prove difficult or impossible to find a good job with a drug conviction, because many companies toss out applications that feature a drug conviction. Some applicants choose to leave their convictions off of the application to hopefully get a foot in the door, but job hiring now often includes background checks that will turn up the convictions anyway, so hiding them is not useful.

Similarly, many property management firms automatically deny applications from individuals with drug convictions, making it difficult for those with a mistake or misunderstanding in their past to live in preferable areas with opportunity.

Protecting your future starts now

There are many legal tools you can use to build a strong defense, but you must start the process immediately. Waiting even a day or two to get started can mean losing valuable opportunities, such as the ability to review the evidence against you.

Make it a priority today to begin building your strong legal defense, to ensure that your rights remain secure while you build a plan for a safer, more prosperous future.

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