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Drug crimes: The basics of possession in Texas

Whether it is prescription medication or illegal narcotics, if police find an individual with them, it could result in criminal charges. The state of Texas takes drug crimes seriously, and understanding the charges a person may face could help in building a defense. It may be possible to defend against the charges if certain circumstances exist.

One illegal drug that tends to crop up often is marijuana. Texas has some of the most restrictive laws in the country regarding this substance. Even those who can use it for the limited medical purposes allowed by law may find asserting a defense of medical necessity challenging.

A lot of people take prescription medications. Possession of them would most likely be legal if they belong to the person holding them. It is also possible that possessing the drug no longer violates the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Sometimes, the medication is not even for human consumption. It is also possible that the individual did not even know the drugs were there. For instance, a search of that person’s vehicle could turn up drugs, but whether he or she knew they were there is another story.

While most people do not take possession as seriously as other drug crimes, a conviction could still have serious repercussions for a person’s life. The criminal penalties may not be as significant, but the impact to a person’s personal and professional lives could be. Some employers, schools and others may look at such a conviction adversely. Family members may change their view of a loved one as well. For these reasons and more, an individual facing possession charges may want to take the situation seriously.

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