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Driver faces DWI charges after accident involving police officer

Some road construction work here in Texas is done in the overnight hours in order to avoid causing traffic jams. The problem is this increases the danger to both the workers and drivers who may come upon the work unaware of it. Even with flashing lights, police vehicles posted at these areas may not be as easy to see as hoped, which could lead to accidents. On one such occasion recently, police suspected the alleged driver involved of DWI, but arrested him for failing to stop and render aid.

The accident happened around midnight. Two police motorcycles sat with their lights flashing to block traffic as workers moved some barricades off southbound Interstate 35. A vehicle approached and struck one of the officer’s vehicles. The officer suffered a fractured and broken hip, according to reports. The dark-colored vehicle failed to stop.

Police later located the vehicle, which purportedly had a piece of the Austin officer’s motorcycle on it, along with damage to the passenger side. They located a man who said he was driving the vehicle at the time, had two “baby-sized” beers and fled because he feared deportation. What charges he will ultimately face remains to be seen.

If authorities decide to accuse him of DWI in conjunction with other charges, he could face serious criminal penalties. In addition, with today’s ever-changing immigration laws, he could face deportation. Texas residents who find themselves in this position, have much at stake. Consulting with a criminal defense attorney could help to find the best possible outcome to those charges, which may help with any immigration issues that may arise.

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