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Dinner with a friend can lead to a DWI

Dinner with a friend and a glass or two of wine is not an unusual way for anyone to spend an evening in Texas. Over the course of the evening, it’s possible to lose track of how much alcohol one has consumed. A woman who was involved in an automobile accident and has been accused of DWI.

After enjoying an evening out with a friend, she got in her car, a sedan, and began to drive home. She was driving south when she T-boned another vehicle, an SUV. A passenger in the SUV was seriously injured and transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital. She had suffered a head injury.

The woman who was accused of DWI declined to take a field sobriety test. A blood sample was collected, and the woman reportedly stated that she had a glass of wine with dinner and that maybe she should have called an Uber instead of getting in her car to drive home. She was charged with intoxication assault and released after posting bail.

Being charged with a DWI in Texas can be very disconcerting, and a person may be confused and unaware of his or her rights in such a situation. There are procedures and policies the police must follow. A person who finds him or herself in such a situation may wish to consult with a criminal defense attorney who can review the case and help to ensure that roper procedures were followed. The lawyer can also advise the client of his or her rights and inform one of the legal options available.

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