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Juvenile defense needed re robbery gone wrong

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | Juvenile Defense |

Adolescents in Texas and elsewhere are prone to moodiness, outbursts of temper and feelings they can’t necessarily explain. Anyone who has been the parent of a teenager can attest to this. Many also have memories of their own struggles through the teenage years. None of this is meant to lessen the tragedy that occurred in Donna when an apparent attempted robbery went very wrong creating the need for a juvenile defense.

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s deputies were summoned to a business via a 911 call early one morning. Upon arrival, they found the caretaker, a 69-year-old male, dead from apparent stab wounds. Another individual, a 21-year-old male, was found nearby severely wounded with apparent stab wounds. The injured man was conscious and identified the assailant as a teenager who lived in the neighborhood.

Following an investigation of the scene, a warrant was issued for the teen’s arrest, and he was taken into custody when the search warrant on the home was executed. The teen allegedly confessed to the crime and the investigators claimed they recovered a weapon and other evidence. The teen allegedly climbed into the business through a window with the intent of robbing it.

If a person is surprised by the unexpected, such as the presence of a person when none is expected, reactions can be unpredictable. If a person feels threatened in any way the fight-or-flight response can kick in and cause a person to act out, possibly in self-defense. A young person facing charges in Texas may be afraid, feel remorse for actions that may have been taken in panic, and not know where to turn. A criminal defense attorney experienced in dealing with juvenile defense cases can review the circumstances of the case and advise the client and the family regarding the legal options that may be available.