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Being charged with drug crimes can endanger one’s reputation

As 2018 comes to an end, the drug crisis continues to be an issue of concern in Texas and around the country. A recent investigation by the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force resulted in the seizure of a significant amount of cash and drugs. Two people were arrested and are facing charges for drug crimes in connection with the investigation.

The task force conducted its investigation over a period of two months. A search warrant was executed on a house on Monte Carlo Lane. The task force was assisted by the Fort Bend Sheriff’s Office Patrol Tactical Team. The search warrant led to the arrest of the two people, and the officers also reportedly found illicit drugs on the premises that they estimated to have a street value of about $230,000.

The drugs that authorities say were found included marijuana, LSD, Ecstasy and Promethazine with Codeine. They also say they found an assortment of THC edibles, THC wax and THC for use in vapes. In addition to the drugs a large amount of cash, over $53,000, was allegedly found in the home. The accused are a man and a woman in their late 20s. Reportedly, he has a previous arrest record for drug charges going back to 2008 but she has no prior arrest record.

Being charged with drug crimes in Texas is a serious offense, whether the accusations involve misdemeanors or felonies. A person’s freedom and reputation are both at stake in this situation. The accused is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law, and guilt must be formally established beyond a reasonable doubt. A consultation with an experienced criminal law attorney can ensure that one’s rights are fully understood and protected.

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