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New analysis reveals fatal DUI data from across Texas

A new analysis released by ValuePenguin has dug into some of the most pressing questions regarding DUI data in Texas. Specifically, the report revealed the which cities in Texas had the most DUI fatalities per year. This analysis was based on data from the Texas Department of Transportation.

According to the numbers from ValuePenguin, Midland had the highest number of DUIs per capita in 2016 than anywhere else in the state. In fact, Midland had 41 percent more fatalities than either Houston or San Antonio. This is particularly telling as both Houston and San Antonio were on the top 10 list for highest risk locations.

In the analysis, ValuePenguin also clarified the punishments for those found guilty of a DUI in Texas. Unsurprisingly, those with more offenses are hit with tougher punishments in the state. First-time offenders can be fined up to $2,000 and spend up to six months in jail, while three-time offenders face up to $10,000 in fines and between two and 10 years in jail. Additionally, those with two offenses within a five-year period must install an ignition switch on their vehicle that prohibits intoxicated driving.

Other cities that made the top 5 list for fatal DUI rates in Texas were Odessa, Baytown, Dallas and Edinburg. This data only accounts for cities with at least 50,000 residents; separate data was collected regarding rates in smaller towns. Kyle had the highest per capita rate of fatal DUIs for mid-sized towns, while Forney and Gainesville topped off the list for small towns. Those who have been accused of a DUI in Texas should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible regarding their defense options.

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