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Are bartenders responsible in juvenile DUI/DWI cases?

When people drive home after going out and consuming alcohol, there can be serious criminal consequences. Recent DUI/DWI charges against minors in Texas has led to bars and restaurants in the state questioning their ID policies. While it is understood that young drivers could face DUI/DWI charges after driving under the influence, there are lesser known consequences for businesses and bartenders who serve them.

In addition to potential charges against bartenders who serve young people in DUI/DWI cases, those who buy drinks for minors at the bar can be charged with supplying alcohol to minors. This can be a challenging charge to face, as the people who buy and serve these drinks may argue that they did not know the people were minors. This can be especially tricky if they are using a fake ID. 

A bouncer says that fake IDs used to be easier to spot, but they now mirror real IDs with holograms and images that show up under black light. Juveniles who are facing DUI/DWI charges may claim that the people who served them knew they were underage. When it is one person’s word against another, these cases can be difficult to prove.

The District Attorney of Fort Worth says that there will not necessarily be charges for bartenders who fail to identify a realistic fake ID. However, there are often consequences for those who are deemed irresponsible by the state. Juveniles who are facing DUI/DWI charges, as well as those charged for providing the alcohol in these cases, should contact a Texas lawyer for support in defending against such claims.

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