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2 arrested for drug crimes after accidentally contacting police

Two individuals in Texas have been taken into custody on drug-related charges. Authorities say that their arrests for committing drug crimes occurred after they accidentally called police to their sport utility vehicle. The two parties, a man and a woman, were arrested on a recent Monday.

According to police, the two individuals were in an SUV when one of them inadvertently pushed the automobile’s SOS button, summoning authorities. As a result, officers were sent to the block where they were located to see what their supposed emergency involved. However, the officers reported that they did not come across an emergency.

However, police did reportedly come across something else — a large quantity of marijuana — in the vehicle. At that point, they arrested the two parties, who were allegedly intoxicated at the time. They both now face drug possession charges. The man also faces a charge of possessing drug paraphernalia.

The two parties accused of drug crimes may proceed to trial to fight the charges filed against them. At trial, prosecutors must prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt — a high standard that is in place with the goal of protecting innocent individuals from being convicted and sentenced for crimes they did not commit. Alternatively, the two defendants may seek to negotiate plea deals with the prosecution, which may offer the benefit of leading to lighter sentences than what they would receive at trial if found guilty of these crimes. In this situation, an attorney in Texas will push for the most personally favorable outcome for the client given the circumstances of his or her case.

Source: star-telegram, “Suspects accused of marijuana possession in Arlington Texas”, Mitch Mitchell, May 8, 2018

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