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Parenting plans, talking with children may help during divorce

For some married couples in Texas, the process of getting divorced is emotionally painful yet straightforward. However, this is not true for those with children. A couple of tips may help parents to help their children through the divorce process emotionally while they simultaneously work on their parenting plans or aggressively pursue custody in court.

First, keeping the children out of disagreements that one may have with the other party is critical. Even though parents generally try to keep their children from being stuck in the middle of such arguments, they often do not. The children can mentally suffer from this, and unfortunately, the impacts can be long lasting.

Second, sometimes, one parent may be interested in making the children see a therapist as they navigate the divorce process. This can certainly help the children, but letting the other parent know about the therapy sessions is crucial. Otherwise, the other parent may find out about the therapy accidentally and end up not trusting the parent who required the children to go through therapy. The other parent may likewise not trust the therapist, either.

The best move for parents who are getting a divorce is to try to resolve their child custody issues outside of court. This will allow them to keep their family matters confidential and will reduce the stress associated with the marital breakup, which will only benefit the children in the long run. An attorney in Texas can provide the guidance needed to produce parenting plans that reflect both parents’ wishes as well as what is in the best interests of the children.

Source:, “Family Therapy: Guiding Kids Through Divorce“, Carl Grody, March 19, 2018

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