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Officer accused of evidence-related, drug crimes in Texas

A police officer in Texas currently faces drug-related charges. According to authorities, the man gave a possible drug dealer information that made it possible for him to avoid other law enforcement officers. However, those accused of drug crimes are presumed innocent until and unless their guilt can be proved in a court of law.

In the case of the Texas police officer, the 40-year-old officer allegedly gave a 32-year-old man information about other police officers’ working patterns, locations and working assignments. The information reportedly permitted criminals to operate freely without the fear of being captured. It also allegedly threatened police officers’ safety.

The officer who reportedly provided the information now faces charges of taking part in organized crime as well as tampering with evidence and misusing official information. The man who authorities said received the information also faces charges of committing organized crime, inappropriately using official information and violating weapons laws. Both were placed in a Texas jail, with a $750,000 bond set for each of them.

Anyone who is accused of drug crimes has the right to proceed to trial to fight the charges. Alternatively, the individual may seek to negotiate a plea agreement, which may result in lesser charges and thus a lighter sentence than what would be imposed following a guilty finding at trial. In either case, an attorney will push for the most favorable outcome for the client. The attorney will also work to make sure that none of the client’s rights are violated at any point during his or her criminal proceeding.

Source:, “Galveston Police Officer Arrested on Drug Charges“, Feb. 23, 2018

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