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School principal charged with DWI for second time

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2018 | DUI/DWI |

A high school principal in Texas was recently taken into custody for driving under the influence. However, the recent arrest was not his first for DWI. He was also arrested for, and pleaded no contest to driving while intoxicated back in 2012.

Police reported that the man, 40 years old, was taken into custody last December and ended up posting $5,000 bail the following day. Although he is currently a principal, he plans to take on a new district job next year. He will serve as the school district’s assistant athletic director.

When he was arrested in 2012, the man was serving as a high school assistant principal. After pleading no contest, he was sentenced to 15 months probation. He also was required to complete 40 hours worth of community service, which he satisfied in 2013. In addition to serving in school leadership roles, he has also taught students at several schools over the years.

Anyone facing a DWI charge in Texas can understandably be nervous about the potential repercussions. A conviction could result in time behind bars, a fine and even the loss of a job in certain circumstances. However, an individual who has been accused of driving while intoxicated has the right to present a vigorous defense. In some scenarios, it may be possible to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution, which may lead to a lighter charge and thus a lighter sentence than what may be rendered following a finding of guilt at trial. Each case is different and depends upon the available evidence, making it all the more important to rely upon experienced criminal defense counsel from the outset.

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