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How does a DWI impact insurance?

Depending on whether you have a prior criminal record or how much alcohol was actually in your system, the punishments for a DWI can vary greatly. You may face jail time, have a suspended license or face more expensive car insurance policies.

Even though you may have a suspended license after a DWI conviction, you will most likely need to still have an insurance policy on your vehicle. In some cases, you may qualify for a restricted license. This allows you to drive your vehicle to and from work but nowhere else. You may want to consider acquiring nonoperational coverage, so you can pay for damages your car sustains while it is in your garage. Either way, there are a few new things you should expect when going to get new insurance coverage.

File more paperwork

You will most likely need to submit an SR-22, FR-19 or FR-44 form. Most people do not need to submit these, so a good portion of the population have never heard of them. However, if you receive a DWI conviction, then you will need to look into them.

Basically, an SR-22 form proves that you are currently maintaining an auto insurance policy on your vehicle. It proves to the state of Texas you have car insurance.

Increase in rates

Drivers can always expect to see their rates go up after a DWI because insurance agencies view these drivers as higher risks, and there are fewer insurance companies willing to offer a policy at all for people with DWIs on their records.

The exact amount you can expect your rates to go up will depend on your precise carrier. It also depends on a number of other factors, including your age.

There are ways to fight a DWI charge in Texas that can limit the consequences. But there is no time to delay in getting sound legal advice.

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