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5 arrested for drug crimes at home in Texas

Five individuals have been taken into custody on drug charges in Texas. Their arrests for drug crimes took place on a recent Tuesday at a home. There, police reportedly seized 67 grams of crystal and liquid methamphetamine after serving a search and arrest warrant.

Police reported that they served the drug search warrant at the home a little before 11:40 a.m. They essentially breached the home’s door and arrested the five individuals there without a problem. All five parties were in the home’s master bedroom when the arrests took place.

The five individuals now face drug possession charges. The arrested parties include two men and three women whose ages range from 31 to 46. Authorities said that, while in the house, they found numerous loaded and used needles. A joint investigation led to the arrests after police had received complaints about the home, which was said to be a drug house.

Those who are accused of drug crimes are always innocent until and unless prosecutors can prove otherwise in a court of law. The prosecution must prove drug charges beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction can be handed down. However, rather than fighting drug charges at trial, a defendant may opt to pursue a plea deal with the prosecution, as this may lead to lighter charges and thus a lighter sentence than what would be rendered following a finding of guilt at trial. Either way, an attorney in Texas will pursue the best outcome for the client, considering the facts surrounding his or her criminal case.

Source:, “Lawmen arrest five, seize 67 grams of meth at south Brownwood drug house“, Steve Nash, Feb. 13, 2018

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