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DUI/DWI charges may sometimes come in bunches

In Texas and elsewhere, it is not unusual to see the same suspect arrested on two or more separate incidents of alleged drunk driving within days or even hours of each other. Despite suggestive appearances of guilt, however, the authorities must still prove the elements of DUI/DWI on each separate charge beyond a reasonable doubt. That is not always easy for the prosecution, especially when the accused is represented by an experienced and seasoned criminal defense attorney who is proficient in handling such cases.

There are many hurdles that the prosecution must survive on the road to proving guilt of drunk driving. Those suspects who are accused and arrested more than once in a short time span have an even greater need for aggressive, knowledgeable representation. Not only will separate prosecutions be a major life challenge for the defendant, but the ordeal could possibly include a long period without a driver’s license, hefty fines and, finally, a significant prison sentence.

These are issues that a  34-year-old woman who was recently arrested for DWI twice in three days must contend with in determining how she will defend the charges. El Paso Police arrested her on Jan. 13, 2018 when she allegedly stopped her vehicle in the middle of the road near 8500 Roseway. While investigating the stopped vehicle, officers say that they found the suspect to be intoxicated and in possession of cocaine.

On Jan. 16, 2018, El Paso Police stopped the same woman on an alleged speeding violation in East El Paso. When the police pulled her over, they allege that they found her to be intoxicated. They arrested her for DWI and she was being held in the county jail under $20,000 bond at last report.

There are many potential defenses that can be asserted in the course of the defense of a DUI/DWI prosecution in Texas. Having a knowledgeable attorney is the best assurance that everything will be reasonably done to lessen the impact and obtain a favorable and just outcome. Where guilt is overwhelming in one or both offenses, counsel will conduct appropriate negotiations to preserve and protect the defendant’s legal rights.

Source:, “EPPD: Woman arrested for DWI twice in 3 days, in possession of cocaine”, Jan. 19, 2018

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