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Dividing assets, like retirement accounts, may be unavoidable

Many couples in Texas and elsewhere are struggling with their marriages but are simultaneously trying to make their marriages work. However, in some cases, divorce is inevitable, in which case, spouses must tackle issues such as the division of retirement accounts and other assets. Here are a few signs that getting divorced is a smart move.

First, two spouses may be headed for divorce if one of the parties drastically changes how he or she handles money. For instance, perhaps a spouse has already changed accounts and is moving money. This is not something to shrug off, as it is an indicator that this spouse is preparing to enter the marital dissolution stage.

Another sign that divorce is needed is if one spouse would like to have children but the other one does not. Although several areas of give-and-take exist in a marriage, having children is not one. If one party is totally against having children, and the other one has this as his or her bucket-list item, ending the marriage may be unavoidable. Likewise, a divorce may be necessary if two spouses do not have similar core values in such areas as religion, finances, politics and education.

Divorce is never easy, as the process involves untangling two lives from both an emotional and a financial standpoint. However, if two parties are willing to resolve their divorce issues, such as the division of their retirement accounts, and work toward a mutually satisfactory settlement at the negotiation table, they can avoid further court intrusion. An attorney can help to ensure that a spouse’s rights are protected during each stage of the divorce proceeding in Texas.

Source:, “Is your marriage over? How to tell if you should stay or go“, Rose Kennedy, Jan. 24, 2018

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