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Juvenile defense: Focusing on the person behind the accusations

Young people today are exposed to outside influences in the world that may negatively affect the rest of their lives. In Texas, after his parent’s divorced, one youth was shuttled between two households in dangerous neighborhoods. He soon turned to the streets to support himself. His activities landed him in trouble with the law, and he was sent to juvenile detention. “Juvie” is a place that most people claim is the beginning of a long life filled with juvenile defense attorneys and jail time. 

In juvenile detention, the boy soon connected with an organization called Café Momentum, a nonprofit that allows kids to train in several areas at high-end restaurants. Under strict supervision, he was able to focus his energy on setting goals and improving his life. After graduating high school, he quickly secured a position with a reputable business and enrolled in college. He plans to become a mechanical engineer.

The importance of charities and programs geared toward turning kids’ lives around is the number one priority of the founder of Café Momentum. Providing confidence and support creates generational change. The organization works hand-in-hand with other agencies to provide services such as housing, medical assistance and school enrollment.

Minors involved in illegal activity have options available to them. Not everyone becomes a product of his or her environment. In Texas, a juvenile defense attorney will assist in keeping charges in the juvenile system and working toward achieving a just result that preserves the juvenile’s future and takes advantage of all available support resources.

Source:, “Making the Future Brighter, One Child at a Time“, Nov. 28, 2017

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