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Drug crimes in Texas can lead to shootings

The drug crisis across the country leads to more and more drug deals ending in violence. The addiction and desperate need for drugs have people resorting to whatever means possible. In Texas, one man is being charged with aggravated robbery while using a deadly weapon during one of these drug crimes.

Supposedly, one man shot another man during a drug deal gone bad. The event unfolded at a house on Duval Street on Oct. 7, 2017. A sedan pulled up in front of the residence to secure a pre-arranged sale of marijuana for $650. The alleged victim later told police that the man attempted to complete the drug deal using fake money. Purportedly, the man pulled a gun from his waistband and shot the other man in the eye, partially blinding him.

Police were able to track phone calls made to the victim from a man who is now incarcerated in a Bell County jail. An Austin police department detective claims that the man has confessed to the shooting. He is in jail on charges unrelated to this incident and is being held on a $250,000 bond.

Drug crimes continue to run rampant in the United States. This epidemic sometimes leads to other heinous crimes being committed. Charges of this magnitude are serious and require the representation of an attorney who is an expert in this field. If someone is accused and arrested in Texas, it may be in his or her best interest to contact a lawyer with a proven history of criminal defense in drug crimes.

Source:, “Suspect charged with shooting, blinding man during drug deal“, Nov. 1, 2017

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